Trying To Get Rid Of Some Wrinkles? Why And How Juvaderm Works

While no one else sees you the way you do, the fact is, how you see yourself in the mirror has a big effect on your self-esteem. If you are noticing wrinkles, and they have you feeling less than good about yourself, you may be researching all of the different procedures and products that help reduce or get rid of them. Trying to understanding all the jargon and medical terms can make your head spin. Read More 

Foods, Supplements, And Beverages To Avoid Before And After Your Botulism Injection Procedure

If you have already scheduled a consultation with your doctor, you are already aware of the risks and side effects associated with cosmetic Botox. You can minimize the effect of these side effects by temporarily altering your diet before and after your procedure. Before Your Procedure Botulism injections will result in temporary bruising around the injection sites. This is normal, but you can lessen the amount of visible bruising by avoiding certain foods before and after your procedure. Read More