When To Pull That Pain Relief Oxygen Ointment Out Of The Cabinet

Oxygen healing ointment, or pain relief oxygen ointment, is a good product to keep in your bathroom cabinet. But like any product you keep in your cabinet, you need to know when to pull it out. Here are some situations in which it's wise to reach for this product and put it to use.

You burn yourself.

Have you ever reached into the oven to grab a hot pan and bumped yourself on the hot oven door or rack? Maybe you've accidentally touched a hot pan on the stove, burning your hand or finger. Serious burns should certainly be treated by a doctor. But for those minor, little burns, applying some oxygen healing ointment is a good solution. The oxygen will help soothe and cool the burn in the first place, and then it will help the burn heal. You can apply it every few hours the first day or two after you burn yourself. Whenever you feel the burn starting to feel hot and uncomfortable, apply a little more of the ointment. 

You get a sunburn.

You can also use oxygen healing ointment if you get a mild to moderate sunburn. A lot of people use aloe vera for this purpose, but it tends to be thick and gummy. Oxygen healing ointment is a lot lighter and absorbs into the skin faster, which can be nicer when your sunburn covers a large portion of your body. You can apply it, let it dry and absorb for a couple of minutes, and then put clothing back over the area without the clothing sticking to the ointment. 

You get a blister.

Blisters can be really painful, even when they are not that serious. They can also take a while to heal on their own, which means that pain stretches on for days. Applying some oxygen healing ointment to the blistered skin can stimulate the healing process and ease the pain while your blister heals. While it's not recommended that you pop a blister — since doing so can let bacteria enter the skin and cause an infection — if your blister does happen to pop, having applied the oxygen ointment will help ease pain and also reduce the risk of infection.

If you keep a tube of oxygen healing ointment in the cabinet, it will come in handy more often than you'd think. Use it in the situations above, and also any other time you have a mild wound or sore.

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