An Intro to Custom Wigs

A custom wig can be a great solution if you know exactly what it is that you want, but you haven't been able to find it so far. A custom wig is made from start to finish with the client's wants, needs, and measurements used to create the wig. If you think you would consider a custom wig, then it's good to become educated on them, which you can do by reading this introduction to custom wigs. 

The wig will fit just right

One of the reasons why many people prefer to get custom wigs is because they will fit best. A custom wig is made to fit the client's head as well as possible. It can be difficult to locate a wig that feels just right when you put it on. However, when you have a wig made by someone who is using your measurements as a guide, then when you put that wig on you should immediately notice how good it feels. Also, since the wig is made to fit you, the hairline, the part, and other features will all be right where they should be on you This will leave you really looking like you aren't wearing a wig, and this is what a wig should offer you, but many will fail. 

The wig can be made of human hair

If you can, it's best to get a wig that is made from human hair because this type of wig will look natural. It will also react to things the way your natural hair would. This means that you can style it and it will do what you want it to. With synthetic hair, it can often have a plastic look to it and be difficult to style and control. When you get a custom-made wig, you can request that it be made with human hair. 

The wig will have your preferred style and cut

With a lot of wigs, it can be hard to get the cut and style you really want. For one thing, since the wig may not fit you 100% when the wig is cut and styled, it may not look natural. With a custom wig, the cut will fall around your face just the way you want and the style will be right for your face, as well as your head. Also, when you move around and are involving yourself in physical activities, the wig can feel so good you forget you are wearing it.